Global Missions Philosophy

Our Philosophy on Global Missions

Jesus told us to be witnesses of Him and take His Gospel everywhere beginning at home and unto the uttermost part of the earth. We know that even with the power of the Holy Ghost, it is physically impossible for each of us to be both home and in all places throughout the world at once. Jesus never intended for us to be, but instead He intended for us to work together to accomplish this purpose. This is the mission of Christ’s church which is His body. As members of His body, we have different functions but we must work together. We believe Missions promote Unity.

We have found that in America, mainly because of our abundance of material possessions when compared to everywhere else in the world, when we work mission efforts, like this one in Haiti, it is easy to feel that we are “helping” our sisters and brothers in Haiti who are “less fortunate”. We believe that this is only half of the story. As we learn to deny ourselves, we believe Missions promote Self-lessness.

God has shown us the “rest of the story” which is that when we work together with our sisters and brothers in this Haitian village, they are actually “helping us” because Jesus gave us the mission to “Take the Gospel into the uttermost parts of the earth”. This remote village on the island of La Gonave off the coast of Haiti certainly qualifies. As the believers work to maintain a thriving local church presence, they are helping us spread the Gospel of Christ on a daily basis, which we could not do if they were not there. Because Missions allow us to “disciple” other nations, without always being present, we believe Missions promote Discipleship.

At Living Witness Ministries, we prefer to support missions that are long-term in nature, whereby generations can be impacted for Christ. So often the extent of many churches’ mission support is to send short-term teams in and out of places. But while the short-term trips are vital to keeping USA churches involved in the work and to bring hope to the villagers, we’ve found that’s God does absolute wonders when a missionary is involved and working along-side a Bible-teaching vibrant local church in the remote location. This combination (missionary, native-pastor with native church, and sponsoring churches) provides all the components required to train and disciple the existing believers, new converts and children in the Gospel. It also sets up a great environment for the believers in the native church to be taught how to carry the Gospel to others in their village, in surrounding villages, and ultimately far beyond their own country.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere! Can you imagine anything more powerful than a Haitian missionary going forth with the Gospel beyond Haiti? Can you imagine a Haitian missionary telling his story to others about how he overcame the physical conditions, spiritual oppression, and world-wide rejection? Well, We Cannot? We know that this will bring Glory to God in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

And that’s ultimately Why We Do What We Do! To Bring Glory To God Our Father and His Son Jesus Christ by The Power of His Holy Spirit. If you share our philosophy, please join us in Our Mission, which is also The Great Commission

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